According to GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications), there has been an increase of off-grid base stations by upto 390,000 in 2020. Currently most telecom operators use Diesel generators as the reliable power source, in contrast to utility/weather based energy sources. However with increased legislation encouraging sustainable energy practices, there is a wide portfolio available within the Telecom industry for IPP (Independent Power Producers).

  • With increased infrastructure demand, need for telecom will increase exponentially
  • 5G infrastructure would require more telecom towers
  • Rural Urban development will provide more demand for more ISP networks to thrive. We provide solutions with our green energy solutions with quick deployment.
  • FuelCell Generators help evade Grid Operator challenges for rural power networks
  • Green & sustainable solutions from ECOGEN eludes Off-Grid & Poor Grid conditions
  • Network deployers must engage analytics within their power economics to address wider demographic demand.
  • Green & Sustainable solution from ECOGEN.

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