Engineering Energy Economics

Feasibility studies are provided to realise energy demand requirements, while considering all sustainable practices.  We can provide multiple services such as technical due diligence on next generation technology, specific technical studies, through to full system concept design and Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Our services include site appraisal, constraints mapping, Initial layout, technology feasibility study, risk & site assessment, stakeholder consultation, grid assessment, comprehensive resource mapping, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), and documentation for planning submission.


Power Quality is the heartbeat of any Power System that reflects efficiency of the system and the longevity of the equipment installed at the power network. We provide Power Quality Analytical services based on IEC61000-3-6 standards using Class-A equipment. In addition, we also provide mitigation consultancy & services with thyristor & switch mode technology. Distorted PQ elements contribute to the inefficiency within the Power System. Measuring and analysing PQ parameters, such as Transients, Harmonics, Power-Factor, CosPhi, Signalling, Flickers etc., can provide an in-depth analytics to the Power System.

Our corporate services provide in-depth analytics based on extensive experience and troubleshooting methodology. Relating our experience in power system symptoms; we have correlated the contributing factors towards improving Power Efficiency.

logistics AND LEASE Services

For clients that would require Independent Power Production on remote sites, we provide power mobility. Our services include mobilising Fuel Cell generators for long and short term leases. This gives peace of mind to engineering & construction companies for site deployment. In addition to lease services, we provide maintenance & remote monitoring solutions that will enable full integration with supervisory control & data acquisition. We focus on Business Energy needs both on a commercial & industrial scale. We understand the modern energy demographics with regards to green practices & sustainability.


Apart from selling our solutions, we also provide additional warranty terms on all the products we provide. This is accompanied with Maintenance contracts which can run parallel to our lease & purchase services. We provide impeccable standards of maintenance and operational support through our technical team. We ensure that our standard delivery model comes with minimum 3 years warranty along with optional added warranty terms. We provide maintenance and fuelling solutions for fuelcell generators which can be taken as a part of maintenance/lease agreement with the end-user.

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