Generator Efficiency Optimiser


Peak Load Shaving & Optimisation


– Minimum of 30% fuel savings

– Peak loads are easily addressed

– Intermittent Generator Operations

– Easily adapted to any power generators

– Preventive Maintenance & Online Monitoring 


– IoT compatible

– High C-Rate Functionality

– Smart Converter Technology

– Graphene Based Super Capacitors

– Cylindrical & Robust Construction

By adding another panel module next to the power generator, minimum of 30% of fuel efficiency is achieved through GEO from Sirius Power solutions.

The generator is switched ON at it’s optimum load curve to store energy in the super capacitors after which it is switched OFF. The GEO module would meet all the intermittent loads including the peak curve on energy demand from the load.

GEO (Generator Efficiency Optimizer) Controller –  allows the genset to be operated at its maximum  efficiency point, reducing Generator run time and  Operational Expenses by load shifting using the GEO  Controller and Cycling the Sirius Energy Storage.

Monitoring Data

– System Data

– GeneRator Fuel Consumption

– Battery Parameters (Voltage, Current, Power)

– Generator Status (GEO Mode, Generator State)

– Load Power (Coolant Temperature, Total Load Power)

– Generator Parameters (Rated Power, Rated Factor,  Generator Battery Voltage, Fuel Level)

– Engine Details (Engine Speed, Oil Pressure, Generator  Frequency )

– Generator Phase Details (Line 1, Line 2, Line 3)