Grid Inertia

Momentum to Micro & Macro Grids

At ECOGEN, we understand Grid systems. Given the current co-generation trends & power load demands; we can integrate systems that unifies sustainability with smart designs.

Smart Integration of Sustainability with Load Demand

Unifying the peak load demand with sustainable energy within the grid would require smart enhancements of coordinating the Micro Grid generations with Grid power. Understanding the uniqueness of the load duck curve and integrating the grid power to match demands is a key energy economics that requires sensible engineering.

At ECOGEN, we have solutions that are capable to address the load demands by mitigating challenges due to Low Frequency Distortion Demand. We have control systems that are integrated with Mega Watt rated PWM MMC (Modular Multi-level Converters). It mitigates Low Frequency & Low Voltage scenarios with strong ramping algorithms that evades unwanted LFDD. 


Our partners in quick discharge systems helps us put together solutions that addresses:

Frequency Response


adapting sustainability with Energy Economics



Wind Turbine

Pitch Control


Grid Frequency

Reducing Grid Disturbances

With Energy Storage Systems

With Co-Generation schemes, we have greater load disparity & frequency disturbances that under rates the system operational requisites. Given the trending energy consumption demographics, there is a high disturbance that is caused by transients & harmonics. The fault MVA increases within the system is giving way to grid imbalance that leads to tripping LFDD relay and other protection mechanisms within the grid.

At ECOGEN, we address this concern with graphene based technology that assists with quick energy deployment which is addressed within the ramping margin of 5 to 120 seconds. The primary reserve acts as an ESS that deploys quick discharge to ramp up the low frequency. The active power injection catalyses Fast Frequency Response making it an EFR with clean power sine wave.

Our Solutions can assist the Grid Operator in providing:

Fast Frequency Response

Effective Frequency Response

Synthetic Grid Intertia ( addressing RoCoF )

Fast Post Fault Active Power Recovery ( F.P.F.A.P.R )

Power Firming with Active FR & Distributed Energy Sources with ESS