Energy Storage Solution

The last 5 years have recorded an increased demand for electrical mobility. This implies exponential requirement for energy storage & deployment. Given the legacy of traditional energy storage solutions; the power industry has been curtailed by the limited capabilities of charging/discharging cycles and constrained timeframe for the same. This has limited the deployment of the ultimate requirement for charging stations for EVs continuing to keep ICE vehicles on the road. At ECOGEN, we have engineered sustainable solutions that facilitates unlimited charging/discharging cycles while providing Power Dense solutions for energy storage. Customised & engineered solutions are provided for easy deployment of the solutions within the shortest time span..

TIDAL Energy

Empowering MicroGrid Systems

With large coastlines, we are assured of abundant resources with regard to tidal energy. This can help in powering future Micro-Grids and mass storing of electric energy to avoid grid disturbances or uncertainties. With further deployment & scaling potential, we anticipate more technological development within the sector. At Ecogen, we have developed systems & solutions that can cater for the same. We work closely with government institutions on pilot schemes and POC to demonstrate the scalability within the sector.

SOLAR Solutions

Solar Technology has grown in capability from passive to active technology with smart panels having been developed to extract the heat & light with multiple reflective coatings within the silicon chip.

Biodiversity of the system installation is been prioritised with every installation.

At ECOGEN, we work to complete the geological survey in order to anticipate ergonomics prior to introducing solar panels. We also evaluate the possibility of integrating MicroGrid with the local ESS or utility grid. Our engineers & consultants have liaised with state run entities assisting incorporating such technologies which will contribute to local & national energy requirements.


With increased environmental controls, Material Safe Disposal Systems are in place. Countries which are compliant to EU standards prevent the wide use of chemical batteries. At ECOGEN, we have partnered with OEMs that can provide salt batteries which cater for sustainable practices during energy storage. Salt is an abundant natural resource which can be utilised for Energy Storage.

A solid electrolyte made of ceramic material separates the anode and the cathode, allowing the rapid transfer of Na ions at 270°C. Sodium is released from the salt in the cathode during the charging process and travels through the ceramic electrolyte to the anode compartment, where it is reduced to metallic sodium. During the discharge process, the sodium ions move back to the cathode compartment to form solid sodium chloride salt. There are no adverse reactions and no gaseous elements are produced, so without the need for any venting valve, the cell can be hermetically sealed.

  • Zero Emissions
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Long Storage
  • Adaptive Thermal Control
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Remote Maintenance

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