An innovative drive to Engineer Energy Economics with MicroGrid Power System Integation

At ECOGEN, we provide alternate fuelcell technology that has a significant impact in providing sustainable solution for reliable & redundant critical power. The technology works as a hybrid power generation both as online & offline power producer. The range of solution ranges from a basic smart power generator to a Power Manager Server that is governed by energy economics driven by online power purchase parity & load demand variants.

Key decision driver for an operator is reduced fuel cost, maintenance and operating cost. At ECOGEN, technology has been put together to meet the key decision drivers for demand specific industry. The solution is customised and tailored around the unique challenges for every industry. Our focus is targeted to implement sustainability & scalability for today’s & tomorrow dynamic energy demographics.

Hydrogen Eco-Economics

Hydrogen driven fuel costs are high due to the intricacy of handling the fuel & high purchase cost. It is also clubbed with high opex. Logistics in line to the same would surmount the existing issue. With current projects in place 40% of the current Diesel will be powered by alternatives by 2025.

Therefore with ECOGEN, we stay at the core of Hydrogen economics with the utility of Ammonia as fuel. This leads to efficient fuel handling & more energy for unit volume. Combining the advantage of efficiency, scalability & sustainability leading to higher reliability & continuous power; the operator is benefitted allround.

ECOGEN aims to build & deliver sustainable energy solutions for Power Infrastructure. We integrate power solutions for mission critical services, communication and utility providers.


Our mission is to generate sustainable renewable energy solutions to cover the energy demand of specific industry sectors around the world.


To become one of the market reference in renewable energy companies by providing sustainable energy solutions through deployment of technology and innovation in a socially responsible manner.

At ECOGEN we focus on:-
• Zero Emissions
• Zero Downtime
• Carbon Neutral
• Power Manager w/ APi (Application Programmer Interface)
• Environmentally Sustainable
• Operating cost reduction of at least 25%
• Fuel costs below those of diesel (targeting <$1 per 10 kWh)

Our official website is under construction and will be uploaded soon. Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us.