Momentum to MicroGrid

Powering 100kW loads for quick deployment & silent operation

  • PEM based Technology
  • Flexibility for AC & DC Power 
  • Power Conditioning Sub-System
  • Hydrogen based Power Generator
  • Tailored stacks customised for application
  • Fuel Cell Modules
  • System Integration
  • Fuel Processing System
  • Onboard Energy Storage
  • Automatic Control System

At ECOGEN, we believe in rolling out of sustainable power generators that merges Latest Technology with Sustainability. That is why we cater to construction & other large power consumers with ECG-G100. ECG-G100 is becoming the Key Driver to Green & Clean Energy powering BTS loads and can be used as a cascaded based on required power.

At ECOGEN, we also provide Service Level Ageements that allows smooth transition for our clients/operators to reduce their TCO and fast track net zero carbon policies.

Our product solutions are CE certified and tuned to meet international safety standards. Understanding different power load demographics, we pioneer in customising power requirements to meet the various load band & disciplines.

Our call is to instil sustainable practices because the technology is now commercially available and flexible reducing the TCO.

  • Power Output – 100kW
  • Size – 2,010 x 1,100 x 2,090 mm
  • Fuel – Hydrogen
  • Seamless Operation
  • IEC 62282-3 standards
  • Data Centers
  • Chemical Site
  • Construction Loads
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Temporary Power Deployments
  • Catering High Power Profiles 
  • Zero emission with direct power
  • Flexibility to adapt CNG/CBG fuel
  • Superior Performance with low TCO
  • Possibility to engage PEM CHP for built environments