At ECOGEN, we have innovative solution for hybrid & green technologies customised to dynamic energy demographics

EC-DLR - Dynamic Load Response

Grid & Micro-Grid Application

Hybrid Solution to improve Diesel Engine efficiency
Increased Fuel Economy
Immediate Load Response with less than 20ms
Capable to meet High load gradient
Generator life expectancy increased
Flattening the peak gradients with low impact on generator
Increased Engine life with low maintenance period

Installation of conventional generators

After installation of EC-DLR

Case Scenario

Typical Generator Load profile

Output of the EC-DLR modules to level out the peaks

Benefits of Using EC-DLR

  1. To balance gradients smooths out the genset power
  2. Saves upto 30% of fuel reducing the operational costs
  3. Hybrid solution for existing generators transition towards Green Energy
  4. Genset is always operated at optimum efficiency
  5. Application for dynamic load variation
  6. The Supercapacitor technology provide the necessary power to compensate the load characteristics
  7. High Power with fast duty cycles are provided
  8. Highly efficient using power dense storage with zero maintenance
  9. Increased Engine life with reduced maintenance period
  10. Over 1 million lifecycles with longer life cycles for the modules
  11. Operating temperatures vary from -40C to +65C
  12. Environmentally safe for Material safe handling, storage & disposal
  13. Smart monitoring & System Health through IOT
  14. Non-Chemical process compared to conventional batteries
  15. Service Level Agreement & adaptable Eco-Business Models