Super Capacitor Battery
Energy Storage


  • 12v

  • 24v

  • 48v

  • 192v

  • 384v


  • Scalable Stacks

  • No Degradation

  • No Cooling required

  • 25 Years operation

  • Real Time Monitoring

The Dry Batteries are graphene based super capacitors that is an energy dense solution. The product can also be used for power dense solutions for quick charge discharge applications such as in trains, cranes and chargers.

The patented power electronics technology makes it viable for superior performance compared to an electro-chemical battery. The zero internal resistance makes is safe for quick discharge without a thermal runaway.


  • 1 Million Charge – DisCharge cycles

  • 100% Depth of Discharge

  • Continuous & Reliable Power

  • 10 Years Warranty

  • Super Fast Charging


  • Telecom

  • Commercial

  • Construction

  • Domestic

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • EV Charging Points


– Robust & Vibration proof

– Safe for any terrain deployment

– All components can be recycled & reused

– Operating Temperature Range -30° to +85° C

– No Electro-Chemical additives or chemicals are used

The Sirius Wall is tailored design of Sirius that targets the residential sector by offering a more sleek and user-  friendly aesthetic. Sirius Wall is also based on Kilowatt Labs’ proprietary balancing, control and charge retention  algorithms, making Sirius Wall a safe and efficient alternative solution.

The Open Frame Sirius (OFS) solution consists of Supercap based storage  pack (proprietary Supercap cells connected in series and parallel) with  Kilowatt Labs proprietary control electronics and communication software  and is designed on the parameters defined by the OFS Partner.

The OFS Partner Program delivers customized Supercap storage,  communication software and the commercial rights to sell the end-product in  agreed-to geographies. The OFS Program is expected to accelerate the  transformation from chemical batteries to Supercap storage, which lasts  longer, doesn’t degrade and has no environmental impact.





The Power Wall is an example product of OFS, and is currently available in  the following capacities:

  • 750Wh
  • 1500Wh
  • 2250Wh
  • 4500Wh

Customisable sizes can be configured based on customer requirement. The same can be white-labelled for reseller’s branding requirement.