The future of business trends will be based around data communication. Data & it’s continuity will be a key industry driver. The majority of operators are at an evaluation stage with consideration of power continuity a major bottleneck. 

To cater to the same, there are major strategic alliances and protocols built to instate Power Reliability inline with green energy initiatives. There is a major drive to utilise Green Energy from sustainable sources and plug in to hybrid IPPs that insure constant & independent energy reliability.

ECOGEN can accelerate the possibilities for multiple communication nodes and work as a catalyst for Network reliability with options for scalability. ECOGEN provides opportunity to improve communication robustness. 

At ECOGEN, power security is incorporated using the latest API technology, where Energy Economics is employed to calculate & switch to lower cost energy tariffs based on multiple variables/constraints.

  • There is an increased need for data collection & transmission
  • ISPs plan to install more data-centers to encourage more e-commerce platforms
  • ISPs would require large base stations for Data Tx.
  • 5G infra. Would require more telecom towers
  • Power Economics will be largely employed
  • Data Centers will be mobile based on Network demand
  • Portable Data Centers would require portable power solutions
  • Grid Operator challenges for rural power networks
  • Green Initiatives are considered as CSR initiative
  • Meeting Regulatory legislations
  • Portable & Green Energy solution from ECOGEN.

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