Power Bundle

Hydrogen Based Power Generator & Storage

ECG – GS40 is designed & purpose built that cater to current energy load demands and demographics whilst transitioning to alternative sustainable energy solutions. It employs trending sustainable practices including hydrogen technology with the capability to adapt on-site grid/off-grid installations. The system is also governed by IoT tools that enables the user to moderate the energy consumption and the preference to choose the energy source.  The system also has the capability to make automatic transfer of the energy source based on attributes such as energy tariffs, power purchase parity, solar input and other user defined variables. Further to the same, the system can be scaled to consumer preference and deployment traits.

  • On Site Green H2 generation
  • Safe Gas Storage
  • Continuous & Reliable Power
  • Multiple Energy Backup
  • Highly Durable
  • Fuel Cell Stacks
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Battery
  • Intelligent Inverter
  • Electrolyser